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Context Brokering Workshop 2018

The right data in the right context May 20, 2018

Context brokering is touted as the future of analytics. Context enriches data, context can make a difference between white noise and meaningful insight.

The context brokering market emerges from an obscure niche data analytics segment to a full blown market by itself, combining an impressive set of multidisciplinary technologies and taking data analytics to another dimension. The context brokering market will grow globally at a double digit rate in the next few years, forecasts a new market study Context Brokering Market published by Market Research Media. Intelligence Community were the first to realize power of fusion analystics, social media warriors constantly watch the Net armed with just two major tools - context (context is the king) and OSINT.

The Context Brokering Workshop aims to teach business intelligence professionals how to contextualise exponentially increasing data flows in order to generate meaningful insights. What is the optimal architecture of Context Aware Systems? How to find the right balance between CIP (Context Information Provider), CIA(Context Information Aggregator, not Central Intelligence Agency with all due respect to Intelligence Community) and CIB (Context Information Broker)? How to integrate, aggregate and manage context and data from multiple APIs? The Workshop will answer these amd many other questions.

Case Study "Context Brokering for Image Retreival System"

How a leading photo agency uses context brokering to effectively search, retrieve and deliver stock photos to media channels.

Who attends?

Context Brokering Workshop is perfect for data analysts, data scientists, BI professionals and marketing researchers. This workshop will equip decision makers with the context awareness hands-on skills and best practices and best-of-breed tools to run efficient context-aware data anlysis.